WordAds revenue – How much money can you make on WordPress ? Is it worth it ?

someone said in the comments, this post is muito antigo. It was written in March 2016, more than four years ago. But a lot of WordPress writers still come here for information on the WordAds program, so it’s time for a post-coronavirus update !


Here are the WordAds statistics from November 2015 to April 2020.

Let’s start with a nice Excel table :

Now, some explanations :

• WordAds has been running for 53 months on DVDBASH.COM
• The number of monthly served ads keeps growing (242.000 ads in April 2020)
• The yearly earnings keep decreasing. [Well, without any new content… what did you expect? 😬]
• In 2015, you needed 908 ads impressions to make $1
• In 2020, you need 13.355 ads impressions to make $1

YES, $15/month for 200.000+ ads impressions is not much, but it helps paying the hosting and domain registration.