Starter Ideas for Getting More Blog Traffic

Backlinko – For tips on creating epic content & conducting outreach that leads to links and more blog traffic

Boost Blog Traffic – For content tips along with writing, editing & blogging advice

Moz Blog – For help with SEO & content marketing

What you want to look for when seeking advice is people who are going to stress exactly how hard it is to grow a blog and how much work it takes. Don’t listen to anyone who makes it sound like it’ll be easy , or that there’s a simple 1-2-3 process to getting a million pageviews. And certainly look around someone’s site before you take any of their advice — see if they’re truly someone you want to emulate.

With that said, here are a few key ideas when it comes to growing your blog and earning more traffic. Like I said, explore the resources above if you really want to dive into this.

Better Content > More Content

It was really interesting doing research for this article; I stumbled across a lot of forum discussions from many years ago where bloggers were openly discussing their traffic. Many of them were amateurs with less than a few months of posting under their belts, effortlessly getting hundreds of pageviews a day with no real strategy or marketing in place.

That doesn’t fly anymore.

We live in an age where the web is literally flooded with content on every topic imaginable. Your 600 word article about how to exercise more efficiently is going to get blown out of the water by someone with expertise, research, data, and visuals to back up the same ideas.

Start to embrace the idea of epic content if you want to compete.

If You Build It, They Won’t Come

Again, the days of holing yourself away and churning out blog posts that rack up pageviews have come and gone. Sure, you can do a lot just by creating amazing content that’s well optimized for search. But to really get over that hump and into the next tier of bloggers, you’re going to have to start investing in promotion.

There are a million places to learn about this, and million different facets to explore. There’s link building, there’s building social authority, there’s even paid promotion.

Check out the Skyscraper Technique for some starter ideas on tying great content together with a solid outreach and promotion plan.

Think About What Your Audience Wants & Needs

Gotta tell ya, the days of the “Hey, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted, here’s what I’ve been up to” blog posts are WAY over (this is becoming a theme, the days of certain old methods being over). Writing whatever happens to be on your mind isn’t a strategy that’s going to work unless you’re freakishly funny or insightful.

Start actually planning your content out, doing research to pre-qualify ideas and come up with things you know for a fact people would want to read and share.

Start here with this podcast episode, Building Better Content for SEO: Planning, which will help you develop this process for your own site.

And check out my list of blogging tools I use to run a successful online marketing business.