K-pop group BTS hit the jackpot by getting nominated Grammy for Dynamite

Korean pop group BTS has grabbed their first Grammy nomination. This nomination does not come as a surprise since the K-pop group has had a successful run this year. BTS has also broken several music records with their brand new single, Dynamite. Find out more details about their first-ever Grammy nomination here.

BTS grabs first nomination at Grammys 2021

The music industry is evolving every day and several new artists are entering the music scene with their unique sounds and creatives. In 2013, the world witnessed the debut of the South Korean pop group, BTS. Soon enough, the K-pop- group was delivering chart-topping single in their country.

As the band BTS’ popularity grew with the help of their ARMY, their music was soon becoming a part of Billboard charts and other renowned music rankings. Recently, BTS’ latest single, Dynamite bagged the number one spot on the Billboard Charts in the U.S. Apart from this, Dynamite also broke the record for the highest live viewership during the premiere of their music video.

But now, BTS has achieved a major feat in their career. The seven-member K-pop group has bagged their first-ever Grammy nomination. They have bagged a nomination in the ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’, for their song Dynamite. This is the first time a South Korean group has been nominated in this category.

This nomination even became special for BTS’ ARMY since the K-pop group live-streamed their reaction to this nomination on Twitter. Their reaction went viral on social media in no time. In this video, BTS’ leader RM, other group members including Jimin, Jungkook, and V were seen dancing and cheering over the nomination. Furthermore, the K-pop group did not forget to thank their fans and added they helped in making this “miracle come true”. Watch BTS’ reaction to Dynamite’s Grammy nominations 2021 here.

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