Spotify takes down Kakao M – Kpop Fans enraged

On March 1st KST, a Tweet reporting all songs distributed by Kakao M have been removed from Spotify sent K-Pop lovers around the globe into a frenzy. Artists who distribute their own songs were not affected but many popular K-Pop artists including Seventeen, IU, MONSTA X, MAMAMOO, and Epik High were affected by this change. All songs from these groups released via Kakao M are no longer available for streaming on Spotify.

This seems to be a result of a disagreement between Kakao M and Spotify who recently launched its service in South Korea. Neither Spotify nor Kakao M has released an official statement regarding this issue.

Netizens also shared their thoughts following Tablo’s tweet above, commenting:

“Spotify’s retaliation started smh.”

“Kakao M wth give me my IU songs back”

“Well, you can’t blame just one of them. They are both chasing strategies to maximize their own profits.”

“I agree with Tablo 100%. Artists and their fans are suffering from their stupid managerial decisions.”

“So the bottom line is, Kakao M who owns Melon, refused to stream their songs on Spotify Korea, so Spotify removed all Kakao M’s songs on their platform globally?”

“Wow that’s petty of Spotify and stupid of Kakao M”

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