Ustaz Kazim was insulted and K-pop fans comes to the rescue by trending the hashtag #protectustazkazimelias

A few days ago, independent preacher Dato’ Ustaz Mohd Kazim Elias shared screenshot of a few individual’s Facebook messages.

While Ustaz Kazim is known to be friendly, homever he regrets his action of being friendly with these few individuals as they lashed out and condemned his actions in Facebook even when they don’t know Ustaz personally or the other way around.

K-Pop Fans come to the rescue

K-Pop fans however had enough of this nonsense, came together to support Ustaz by trending the hashtag #peotectustazkazimelias in twitter

Even when the K-Pop fans themselves are scorned by other Internet users, it is very kind of them to question why the Ustaz is insulted when he is just someone who is given the responsibility to teach religious science for the younger generation.

Below are the K-pop fans who came to rescue

Let’s give Ustaz our heartfelt support

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