[Full Video] 11 members of Anonymous Malaysia Arrested #Anonymous #Malaysia

Just today, the famous Malaysia Anonymous group were arrested by Malaysian police worked in teams all over Malaysia as the group was suspected of hacking government websites.

A total of 7 raids were conducted in 4 different states, that is Klang, Perak, Johor and also Pahang. The raids were conducted in these specific states because of the intelligence and spy report that was given one week ago.

Deputy Chief Police, Datuk Seri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani ensured to the Malaysians that all the suspects from the age 22 to 40 were arrested to be investigated.

According to the investigation of the deputy chief of police, the founders of the Anonymous Malaysia Facebook Page were also arrested in the raid.

The arrest was made in response to the threat that was made by the group that consist of hacking government computers and also websites. Even though the threat of Anonymous Malaysia group had been for years, the most recent one would be last month. Since then 6 police reports were filed against the group.

Till now, the police are still investigating the suspects to get further information from the group to ensure that the other members of the Anonymous Malaysia are caught as soon as possible.

All the suspects were however remanded for only three days from Thursday under Section 4, Cyber Crime Act 1997.

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