Is Deadpool and Harley Quinn together? #HarleyQuinn #Deadpool

In Harley and the Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn’s Deadpool-like protector, the Red Tool, admits to having put a tracer in her toenail polish.

I DC Comics, Harley Quinn is the walking definition of either you love her or you hate her, and yet the anti-hero Red Tool has done both. Originally acting like an enemy, this unhinged masked individual with a penchant for using tools as weapons has become a sworn protector to Joker’s ex-girlfriend, taking his role seriously to the point of crossing personal boundaries. In one such case, Red Tool placed a tracer on Harley Quinn’s body without her knowledge just in case she was ever missing or kidnapped, something that he tries to defend to others as not being as creepy as it clearly is.

Created by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti in Harley Quinn Vol. 2 #3, DC’s Deadpool, Red Tool, was originally a man named Wayne Wilkins who worked at a hardware store the night Harley Quinn was chased by a mob of chemically induced love-struck individuals. Despite also being attracted to Harley, Wayne was mauled by the mob and suffered horrible damage, both physically and mentally, which left him with conflicting feelings regarding the woman responsible.

After escaping the hospital and returning home, Wilkins would eventually reappear as the Red Tool, a character who clearly imitates the demeanor, appearance, and attitude of Marvel’s Deadpool. He has constantly remained at Harley’s side, acting as her unofficial bodyguard and protector, going to great lengths to protect or assist the chaotic anti-hero whenever she’s in over her head.

In Harley Quinn & The Birds of Prey #4 also by creators Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, Red Tool occasionally pops up throughout Harley’s return to Gotham. Whether it’s saving her life from bounty-collecting assassins or battling Gotham criminals with an ax to grind, Red Tool is eager to help, something Harley and the others are both aware and a little uneasy about. While Harley is missing after the conclusion of a gangster/supervillain brawl, the superhero cast of the 2020 film are trying to locate her thanks to the tracer placed on her by Red Tool. When asked about it, he reveals that he had slipped it under her toenail polish, without her knowledge, when he painted her toes during their monthly Beauty Night’s together.

him insisting that it’s not creepy since it was to protect her, Black Canary speaks everyone else’s mind by saying that the fact that he had to say that made it even creepier
With an already complicated origin story, in which Red Tool is actually someone from the future who traveled into the past to prevent a future where Harley Quinn kills Batman, Red Tool goes from Terminator to T2 in changing his prerogative from killing Harley to protecting her at all costs. Although Harley can fend for herself, Red Tool has tried to remove dangers such as the Joker from her life with mixed results, and it’s that mindset that he uses to justify his questionable behavior here. Although his intentions were good, the fact that he used Beauty Night as a cover to slip a tracer onto Harley’s body without her knowledge is a huge violation of her privacy and trust and he’s lucky that his paranoia paid off, otherwise the Birds of Prey might have a violent conversation reinforcing boundaries before Harley does.

What makes this situation even more amusing is an earlier conversation between Harley and Red Tool where she acknowledges his obsessive vigilance and admits that it can be a little creepy. Fortunately for him, Harley Quinn thinks it’s sweet that he feels the need to look after her, her own personal Deadpool-like guardian who isn’t afraid to go above and beyond in his own unique style. With Red Tool’s inspiration being an imitation of DC’s Deathstroke himself, his methods may be unorthodox or just weird but you cannot argue with his results.

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