[Full Story] Twitter rally to #FindSai & expose mystery around Sai Land

On February 17th, Twitter appeared to rally together in an effort to find Sai Land, who was allegedly a missing person in Cincinnati, Ohio. The #FindSai hashtag has seen both detective work and ongoing updates on the situation although there has yet to be any confirmation as to whether the mysterious story is true or a Twitter hoax.

Since the early hours of February 17th (US time), #findsai has been continuously trending on Twitter, with over one million tweets. The tag itself started with a picture-statement about the situation. The statement claimed that:

“Sai is a young Black trans woman who is at an increased risk of facing violence and has been kidnapped and is in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. On their Instagram story, they posted a quick video in the dark, and said, “tall, 40-50 Latino male, and 5’10, please I’m in Cincinnati Ohio, I’m in the basement he could be back any second please help’”

The image quickly gained traction and the hashtag became filled with information, calls for help, and DIY detective work.

@onesweetpotatoes is the Instagram account allegedly belonging to Sai, while @seasonedburberry is reportedly her Twitter account.

However, at the time of writing, the information provided by anyone on social media and within this article has not been confirmed by any legal departments, which is why there is an ongoing online debate as to whether the missing person’s Twitter search was real or not.

Here’s everything we know so far, so you can come to your own conclusion.


A GoFundMe page has been shared on social media in aid of finding Sai. The page is titled ‘Help a Black trans woman FFS, SRS, & survival’ and it has gained over $41,000 already and well on track to reach the 60k aim.

Although the page is being shared with the #FindSai tag and donation messages include hopes to find her, the page was created previous to the social media outpour.

Sai herself regularly tweeted about the page having first shared it on January 30th on Twitter and originally creating it on January 8th, 40 days before the viral #findsai hashtag.

A video, which people are claiming features Sai, is still circulating online.

The video is a screen recording of a story uploaded to the Instagram account @onesweetpotatoes, which is said to be Sai’s Instagram handle. In the video, a woman can be seen saying:

“Hey, so everything got blown out of proportion, I’m fine. Thank you so much for the messages and the support but everything’s good. Thankyou.”

Various individuals have been making claims in regards to friendships or relationships with Sai. Instagram user @_deevious has claimed that she knows Sai, and that her last name is Land. It has also been claimed that Instagram user @princessculo is Sai’s current roommate. While neither of these statements can be confirmed, there are pictures on Princess Culo’s Insta account that @onesweetpotatoes had commented on.

The latest update from @princessculo claims that Sai has been found and will be retuning home: “UPDATE: I was just told that Sasha is ok and will be flying back to LA tomorrow,” reads the Instagram story text.

While @_deevious also vouched that @meanmug_mamii is a close friend of Sai’s. Said friend has claimed on Twitter that Sai is safe, and posted a screenshot of an alleged FaceTime call with her.

“I just got off facetime with Sai, we talked she’s okay. I’m a close friend of her and she reassured me that she’s not in any danger. She’s coming back to California tomorrow,” she wrote.

As it stands, neither the allegations of Sai being missing or found have been confirmed by any officials or police departments.

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