How To Make Your First $100,000 Online With Dan Lok

I immigrated to Canada when I was 14 years old. My parents divorced when I was 16, and shortly after that, my Dad went bankrupt in Hong Kong. At the time, my Mom and I were living in a small, one bedroom apartment. Because my Father couldn’t send us money anymore, I quickly knew that I had to become self-reliant. I was always very driven to be successful. For myself, success meant protecting the people that I loved and making sure that my Mom didn’t have to suffer anymore.

I failed at 13 business ventures before I experienced success. I was backed into a corner, I had no way out, and I knew that I had to make it work. If you are in debt, I encourage you to focus on wealth creation, so that you can wipe out your debt in a shorter period of time. The biggest determining factor that allowed me to transform my life from being in debt to achieving success was when I found my first mentor. That was the million dollar year of my life.

My mentor taught me everything, from business to marketing to copywriting. After that, I started an advertising agency in my early 20’s doing copywriting for people. I was making about $10,000/month. That was my first taste of success and my first high-income skill. From there, I transitioned into marketing consultation.

I made my first million at 27 years old and became a multi-millionaire by the age of 30. I’ve evolved from a copywriter to a marketer to an internal marketer. Today, I just consider myself to be an entrepreneur, because I do so many different things.

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